Social Impact

Mapping our social impact

Warm Hut UK is a community organisation that has an impact on the social and well-being of the community we serve who are mostly from African’s heritage who speak English as second language by providing emotional support, weekly drop in sessions, advocacy, information, guidance, peer support and mentoring, supplementary school to raise young people aspirations, attainment while providing social and cultural activities.

We work with people who are in the transition points of their lives include: asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in a healthy and motivational environment to empower them rebuild their lives.

Our vision is to create a vibrant, empowering community that enables them  to improve their lives. We bring them together and provide opportunities to reduce social isolation, build skills and confidence and sharing about how to get the most of opportunity that life offers as result creating an enjoyable opportunity for them to break the cycle of isolation with improved wellbeing.

Our work sets out what we have achieved so far and out 10 things you need to know about us:

  1. Warm Hut UK is a service users led organisation working directly and sharing same background with asylum seekers and refugees from Non English Speaking background.
  2. We offer practical solution to those trapped in the infernal cycle of immigration process as we have been there.
  3. Founded in 2009, Warm Hut UK has helped more than 1200 individuals and families from African background in Salford and surrounding areas and we are looking to support even more in the next 5 years.
  4. Through our services and direct contact, service users report improved emotional wellbeing with reduced isolation otherwise lonely with stress, anxiety and lack of self-esteem.
  5. We set up the “African forum” project to tackle and challenge the traditional knowledge system and encourage the French Speaking African diaspora in Greater Manchester to think more carefully about their own identity and attitudes towards culture and traditions.
  6. Warm Hut UK works in partnership and shares aims with other refugee community organisations. We have completed major projects with partners to improve the knowledge and confidence of refugee people to broaden their horizons and won spirit of Manchester 2013 awards for best partnership initiative for employment of refugees in Manchester.
  7. As result of the initiative, we set up a childcare and homework club venture to support refugees with training and work related experience. Overall, we have managed to provide volunteering and work related experience for over 30 people since started in late 2013 with service users upskilled, reported broaden careers opportunity.
  8. Over the last 5 years, Warm Hut UK has provided emotional support to women survivors of cultural and traditional practices such as breast ironing, FGM and witchcraft brand and as result more women open up with personal stories of distress and 83% reported a positive change in their emotional wellbeing and mind.
  9. What other stakeholders say about us: “Many thanks for your very comprehensive report. I must say that it is the most thorough report I have seen for our grant programme and I’m sure we will learn more about our projects from it. I will share it with colleagues as an exemplar evaluation”.
  10. Warm Hut UK is always working tirelessly to improve the life of new comers and make a difference to their lives by bringing a new hope.

This is clearly our social impact: find out needs – engagement – planning – better outcomes.

Warm Hut UK works and is keen to make a difference and you can help us make a difference to disadvantaged people’s lives. Contact us, please at: