Golden Age

At Warm Hut UK we recognise that getting older can have many challenges and we do our best to help the elderly in our community to feel included by reducing the level of isolation. With the changing dynamics of social interactions, it may be more difficult for the elderly to adopt these new manners of interaction and cause a complete removal from society altogether.
At our organisation, we look for different ways of bringing the elderly together and use various methods to ensure that this group benefits from higher inclusion through a more fulfilling way of living.

We do so by:

  • Offering advice and practical support to men and women over 60 (on their welfare)
  • Organisng day trips – the aim is to break the isolation cycle as well as the language barrier by creating a platform for interaction and socialising
  • Organising art related classes to make use of creative abilities
  • Organising fitness classes to encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Providing practical and emotional support to those affected by illness and providing after care services – Particularly upon discharge from hospital and follow up appointments
  • Making referrals to relevant organisation to get help with their living


  • Stone Carving