ICT & English Classes

ICT & English Conversation Club
This programme is for those people in the community who cannot or struggle with basic English and ICT. From our experience we estimate that 75% of asylum seekers, refugees and migrant have such low literacy skills and making it hard for them to qualify for jobs. This programme gives them the confidence and skills needed to further their education, support their children, access training and employment.

As part of our ongoing mission we constantly work with women from all communities in Salford and Greater Manchester as a way of creating a strong network of empowered women.

Our specific ‘Women Wellbeing Project’ focused on providing support to women with respect to their professional and personal lives in order to improve their overall wellbeing. Warm Hut UK worked specifically with women from a refugee background who faced multiple barriers in terms of language, transition and possible traumatic experience upon fleeing their countries. With the increase of isolation and lack of opportunity, a large number of women were in dire need of support to regain confidence and gain the necessary skills to integrate into their new environment.

Problems tackled:

  • Language barrier issues
  • Professional skills
  • Stigmatisation and Victimisation
  • Harmful traditional practices
  • Mental Health issues
  • Single parenting issues

As an organisation and a community, the results that were achieved were enormous. Warm Hut UK held and led multiple sessions with the numbers reaching up to 30 women per session. Sessions varied from ICT lessons, to English lessons to CV building and interview technique sessions.
From our evaluation process, we received positive feedback from all attendees who felt more confident in themselves with their improved language skills and the formation of a network for support.

We continue to provide general support to women in our community and look forward to working on similar projects in the future.