African Forum

At Warm Hut UK, we work mainly with individuals from ethnic minorities, more specifically from Francophone Africa. As well as our mission to empower our community, we aim to tackle wider issues that affect the communities that we work with.

In line with our mission to balance gender inequalities within our community, Warm Hut UK works to promote action to bring out positive social change by ensuring the protection of girls and women from harmful traditional practices. Although many practices are deeply entrenched in tradition and culture, we have found that an approach that seeks understanding is one that continues to be beneficial with the individuals that we work with. By adopting this approach, we have eliminated the feeling of disregard for other people’s traditional and cultural practices as well as created a platform for increased knowledge and understanding of the roots of these very practices.

Practices that we have worked on include:

  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Breast Ironing
  • Witchcraft Branding and Dementia awareness/Café

At Warm Hut UK, we aim to eliminate these practices from our communities to promote community cohesion and ensure that individuals’ human rights are NOT violated.

The formats that we use include:

  • Discussion forums
  • Workshops
  • Informative sessions (in form of presentations)
  • Local awareness raising campaigns