Food Bank

With this activity, we aim to provide basic food needs to our community in Manchester and Salford one day a week . After having identified people in need, we embarked on this project to meet the immediate needs our service users, improve their quality of life and determine how we can resolve their issues in the long run. We cater to people on no/low incomes, people with social difficulties, people with mental health issues, the elderly and the hidden working poor. We operate an equal opportunities policy and do not turn anyone in need away.
We are fully supported by volunteers who offer their free time to help those who struggle with the label of ‘asylum seeker’ or ‘refugee’.

Most of the individuals who run the organisation have been through similar experiences and with this strength we are abler to support our community in the most efficient way possible. Our support is vital towards helping our service users overcome negative situations. Those who have been through similar experiences can better relate and offer practical advice that professionals may be unable to fully comprehend. Maintaining our non-professional vantage point is crucial in helping people rebuild their confidence as we work through solving their issues.

Our role is to create a reliable and safe support system for our community.

Over the years, we have built and continue to build strong relationships with our services users and have succeeded in reaching the “hard to reach community”. This has primarily been done with our language diversity advantage and followed by the familiarity with the diverse cultures and background. The above advantages mentioned above allow us to be a robust source of mentoring and peer support provision to the various groups of people in our community.


‘I moved to Manchester from Germany where I was on a zero-hour contract. I struggled as my working hours were very unsatble. I was eventually let go and had to start my life all over again in Salford. Thanks to Warm Hut and the Food Bank project, I am able to get the essentials for my home and also beace a volunteer every Wednesday. I am now employed as part of the kitchen staff for a company based in Salford but still go to Warm Hut to replenish my essentials.
Anyone who needs help should definitely get in touch with Warm Hut’.

~ Food Bank user and volunteer ~

Case Study:

Stuart Smith, a Salford resident, has benefited from the Food Bank project since it started in 2009. Not only has he been able to receive the bare necessities to survive but as he continued to use this service, he learnt more about other projects that Warm Hut UK was involved in. As his interest began to grow and as the organisation began to learn about his  skill set, he began as a volunteer at the Homework Club project that Warm Hut UK runs every Saturday to help in the development of children by focusing on literacy and numeracy. At the time, Stuart had been unemployed for several years and lost all confidence in his abilities. As time went on, Stuart was able to pick himself up and grew in his field while teaching and supporting children during Homework Club. With his extended experience, Stuart was able to apply for paid positions with much more confidence and with the certainty of having a current and reliable reference from the organisation.

“To date he keeps in touch with Warm Hut UK and mentions, in his own words, that he ‘found himself again with the help of Warm Hut UK’.

~ Stuart Smith, Food Bank user ~