5th Anniversary

Warm Hut 5th Anniversary Of Old People

Celebrating our 5 Year of breaking isolation of refugee older people in Greater Manchester. Warm Hut UK: “the refugee older people charity” due to high demand of our services, we have extended our outreach to Manchester with two drop in sessions in Gorton and Cheetham hill and weekly outreach activities for Refugee Older Men Group- over 55 only Men group. call us if you need further information about this project. We started since October 2013, running every Friday night as a chill out project.

Loneliness is as “bad for you” as “smoking 15 cigarettes a day”, “worse than obesity” because of the risk of blood clots, heart disease and dementia, and warned that lonely people “drink more” and were more prone to early admission in residential or nursing care that why we are working even harder to break their isolation through:

Activities and Location

  1. Outing (pictures)-Salford and Manchester
  2. Keep fit activities and wellbeing (pics)- Salford
  3. Food distribution and volunteering opportunity (pics) Salford and Manchester
  4. Relationship and sexual health of over 50s (Men only and available only in Manchester )
  5. Improving skills through technology, computer and ESOL

All our services designed by “mature people for Mature people” with main objectives dialogue, empowerment and next steps.